About Us

Arlene's Catering

Our ultimate goal is to provide quality service and great tasting food. We always seek excellence in every dishes we serve.

Founded by Ms. Arlene Teh, Arlene's Catering Services knows what it means to provide cutting edge catering service in the market as we offer a variety of regional menus.

It aims not only to provide an impressive selection of different food and flavors but also a memorable catering experience. You can trust that we're here to offer a new flavor, embrace the traditional with a twist, or innovative and fuse local and global flavors.

Our team of incredibly passionate and positive minded individuals is committed to meet your catering demands, needs and expectations. We want to provide value on every precious moment that you share with your family, friends, and guests.

So from the Cuisine of your choice to the set up you want, you name it ~ we do it!

Mission and Vision


Our Vision is to cater to the needs of the clients and the community not just within Luzon but also to expand in all parts of the country. Arlene’s Catering will be known as the “go-to” catering company that exceeds expectations.


At Arlene’s Catering, our mission is to establish our brand as the benchmark for modern catering that will provide exceptional quality delicious food and service at an affordable price point. We want to build rapport and harmonious relationship within the community.


Our kitchen is sizzling ready to serve you delicious food for any occasion. Book your reservation today! or Or Call Us at  8247-1857 / +639399798930 / +6391657546867



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