About The Company

History of the Company

T H E   D R E A M  &  A S P I R A T I O N  

To provide great quality food inspired by different cuisines, ranging from savory to sweets and from Asian to Western Cuisines.

Ever since as a child, Arlene’s dream is to have her own restaurant and be a part in the food service industry. It was her aspiration to share the blessing of hospitality and great quality of food inspired by different cuisines and food Services that she had explored ranging from savory to sweets and from Asian to Western Cuisines.

Growing up being exposed to the food service industry through her family’s business, she had witnessed the in and out of the industry. She knew to the fullest extent what it takes to run her food business. In February 2019, Arlene decided to open-up Arlene’s Catering. It all started in her very own kitchen where some of the dishes were made by her and with the help of her team. From there, Arlene decided to look for a place where she can put up a commissary that would cater to all her needs in providing clients sophisticated food and hospitality beyond their expectation. Her team continuously research and innovate food concepts that will place Arlene’s Catering as a benchmark to modern catering business.

About The Business

Arlene’s Catering was established not just to serve its clients with quality food and good service but to create awareness that food and service standards may be uplifted by educating our clients with the latest food trends. Together with our experienced team, the company can provide extravagant catering concepts, decorations, and refined menu ideas. We can also fully customize it according to our client’s preference – from the simplest occasions to very detailed events.

Pillars Of The Company



It is our mission to maintain the company’s benchmark in providing great satisfaction to our clients.



To share the blessings of the company by joining outreach programs and help build the community in different parts of the country.



It is the company’s responsibility to make use only of environment friendly products.



It is our duty to take care of our Employees and develop their skills and knowledge through in-house training programs.

Services Offered


Competitive in-house chefs and creative culinary service team experienced in hotel, restaurant and banquet kitchen is one of the winning edges of the Business. With the wide array of recipes from Filipino, Asian, Middle Eastern to Western Cuisines, our clients will have limitless option choose from. We assure our clients that every dish is made using only the freshest ingredients and prepared with the combination of classic and modern techniques. In collaboration with different event designers and our in-house graphic designer, we make sure that our decorations meet every client’s expectation.

Party Trays and Packed Meals

Our company also offers party trays and packed meals to our clients. The party trays that we offer ranges from appetizers, main entrees, side dishes and desserts. Our packed meals has been part of some company Events, seminars and school gatherings.


Our kitchen is sizzling ready to serve you delicious food for any occasion. Book your reservation today! or Or Call Us at  8247-1857 / +639399798930 / +6391657546867



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