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Arlene's Catering Services

Founded by Ms. Arlene Teh, Arlene's Catering Services knows what it means to provide cutting edge catering service in the market as we offer a variety of regional menus. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality service and great tasting food. We always seek excellence in every dishes we serve.

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Vicky Castle

"I’ve hired them twice. For my husband’s intimate birthday at home and for my son’s first birthday celebration. They were both fabulous; the set up and the choices of food! I also loved how responsive they are via messenger! They’re so easy to talk with, very cooperative and creative. It is also a great value for money!"

Zia Lim

"For all our events - birthdays, anniversaries, holidays - I always order from Arlene’s Catering 🧡 Good food and excellent customer service! Always so accommodating even if I order last minute!! 😅 I also trust that they handle their food well - cleanliness and packaging is always 100%"

Irene Tan

"Food/Meals are always well thought of and they are very flexible meeting client's requirements. Also, event preparation is also aesthetically unique and of premium quality. They are very accomodating too. Thank you to TeamArlene's Catering."

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Our kitchen is sizzling ready to serve you delicious food for any occasion. Book your reservation today!

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